Projectionist I & II

▶︎ Projectionist I (1991) | Projectionist | Minóy (   Projectionist II (1991) | Projectionist | Minóy ( Found in the Minóy archives, two tapes with the name Projectionist, both from 1991. Never before heard audio made five days apart on March 3rd and the 8th, using many of the same types of source material found in other Minóy releases from this time: vocals, media snippets, guitar demolition, home keyboard sequences, overloaded distortion, and murky drones. Both offered as free downloads at Bandcamp.

Minóy "Postmodern Gender Subordination" 2xC60 Release

Image New release out now, a double cassette of Minóy audio from 1984 titled "Postmodern Gender Subordination".  In 2020, the Tribe Tapes label located a Minóy cassette from 1984 that contained the following tracks: "Postmodern Gender Subordination", "Radio Japan", "Hambone Revisited" and "Fast Forward, Reverse Zoom". Max Eastman of Tribe Tapes asked Phillip B. Klingler (PBK), who curates the Minóy archive, to lend a hand in remastering the audio. After some research Klingler found that one of the tracks, "Fast Forward, Reverse Zoom" was not represented in the archive at all and also not found in the Discogs database so, presumably, a real rarity. But in the archive Klingler did find a 60 minute cassette master of "Postmodern Gender Subordination" with three pieces on it and none of those matched the version on the tape Eastman had found! So, on PBK'

Modus Vivendi: a Benefit Compilation for Chris Phinney

  Modus Vivendi: A Benefit Compilation for Chris Phinney | Various Artists | NO PART OF IT ( Arvo Zylo compiled this benefit compilation For Chris Phinney includes Attrition, Dieter Müh, Gitane Demon, Minóy, Modelbau, ONO, PBK and many others. Chris Phinney has been active within the realm of experimental music since 1982. Whether it has been his main recording project, Mental Anguish, or his label, Harsh Reality, Chris' involvement with the development of 1980s cassette culture and beyond, is immeasurable. More info here: In late 2019, Chris was hit by an uninsured driver. The collision compounded previous injuries, and found him in a wheelchair unable to work. Phinney is the father of four children, three of which were still dependents at the time of the incident. To top it off, the accident occurred not long after a divorce, the untimely passing of a new life partner, and the death of Phinney's mother. The aftermath of

Two new Minóy releases at Bandcamp

Accident Of Desire (1992) | Minóy (   Tesshū (1991) | Minóy ( PBK has digitized, remastered and reissued two more Minóy releases: "Tesshū" from 1991, and "Accident Of Desire", from 1992.

Three new Minóy releases at Bandcamp

Image PBK has digitized, remastered and reissued three more unknown Minóy releases: "Parallel Worlds" from 1988, "Decorative Strategies During The Coming Bad Years", date unknown but likely 1991, and "Nice Noise" from 1994. These albums have never before been released. "Nice Noise", a free download, is one of the last recordings Minóy ever made.

Minóy "Red Tape In The Sunset" Cassette

In May the Easy Listening label, run by Knox Mitchell, released "Red Tape In The Sunset" by Minóy from 1991/92 in a cassette edition of 30 copies. This release is sold out. (photo by Ron Daily)