A new cassette release on PBKsound: Bwannóy - "Deconstruction Workers" features never before heard audio mixed by Al Margolis in 1990.

Deconstruction Workers (1990) | Bwannóy | Minóy (bandcamp.com)

Even though the Minóy archive project is winding down in 2023 after ten years, there are still surprises to be found. This is one, a forgotten project that was never released, mixed by Al Margolis, one of the best experimental music composers to come out of the U.S. cassette underground. This is classic four track lo-fi sound, with Margolis using synthesizers, slowed voice clips, didgeridoo and all sorts of weird sound effects. It's not often one finds something so rare, but here it is, and in celebration PBKsound is releasing it as a tape some 30+ years after it was created.

"Dear Al, I'm suddenly very active again after more than a year of severe depression, panic attacks, exhaustion, etc. The Bwannóy tape is SPECTACULAR! It's easily one of my favorite collaborations. You did an incredible job of integrating my music with yours and giving the whole thing superb cohesion and structure. It's a real COMPOSITION!! The mix is exceptional. I'd like to call the tape 'DECONSTRUCTION WORKERS' with side one being 'The Ancients' and side two (my fave) being 'Darker Corners' by Bwannóy. YAY FOR US!!" Minóy (letter to Al Margolis), 4/90


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