The Minóy archive project is complete after ten years. Stanley Keith Bowsza, aka Minóy, passed away (age of 58) in 2010. Phillip B. Klingler (PBK) received his entire tape archive in 2013, ultimately resulting in 160 releases, many previously unknown and never before heard. These are full-length albums, 60-90 minutes in length, some of them were compiled from multiple tapes, so "Collected" is approximately two and a half hours in length, the two "Brief Attention Span" releases together contain over six hours of audio. 40 of the albums are currently "name your price" i.e. FREE. If you have been considering purchasing the entire discography, now is a good time. The catalog is priced very reasonably, at 90% off: 160 albums for $36. Thank you for your support! Long Live Minóy!

These are the final remasters from the archive:



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