Reissues from 1988 Showcase Minóy's "Media Synthesis" Approach

New reissues of two crucial Minóy releases showcase what he referred to as his "media synthesis" approach. "The Myth Of Postmodernism" and "Media Synthesis", both from 1988, use radio, television and other broadcast sources as raw material. These are similar in spirit to the plunderphonics approach pioneered by John Oswald, but Minóy transforms them into noisy, abstract montages with quick cuts and collisions, in a sort-of audio diary method. As the title of the piece "Plagiarism vs Appropriation" alludes, Minóy was well aware of the implications of grabbing up the ephemera of cultural output and re-fashioning it into something he himself would find fascinating and meaningful.

The Myth Of Postmodernism (1988) | Minóy (

Media Synthesis (1988) | Minóy (


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