Two new, never before heard, Minóy releases at Bandcamp are late-period noise masterpieces. The first is from 1991, the epic "Sound Proof" series, found on three separate cassettes in the Minóy archive. Each sixty-minute cassette consisted of two long pieces that are titled as mathematical equations, together on this release they form a three-hour tryptic of austere noise experimentation. "Brief Attention Span", from 1993, is one of the last-known Minóy recordings, never released in his lifetime, and exhibiting the same sort of exacting approach as the "Sound Proof" recordings, but perhaps even more forbidding and claustrophobic, Remastered from a 90-minute cassette found in the archive.

Sound Proof (1991) | Minóy (

Brief Attention Span (1993) | Minóy (


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