Minóy "Flavor Of Acid On Ice / Rules Of The Game" 2xCD

Oxidation, a label based in Illinois, will release Minóy "The Flavor Of Acid On Ice / Rules Of The Game" 2xCD set on October 15th. Each track is approximately 30-minutes long. "The Flavor Of Acid On Ice" is minimalist drone from 1987, probably composed of shortwave radio tones that shift and crackle with electricity, 30 minutes of very controlled and impressive minimalism. "A Whole New Generation Of Postmodern Brats" (originally dedicated to Elizabeth Was and her son, Liaizon), is noisy, chaotic, rhythmic, with looping voices and casio arpeggiators. "Rules Of The Game" was composed in November 1990 and was never officially released, so this is new, unheard music. A somewhat darker theme on the first track, with recorded snippets embedded like dim memories. The second track is metallic noise/drone throughout. A fantastic set of avant garde music on this massive set, beautiful graphics as well, a compelling example of the Minóy mystique. October 15th, GET IT HERE: Music | Oxidation (bandcamp.com)




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