MINÓY - "A Season in Hell" NEW Cassette on PBKsound


A new tape release on the PBKsound label, "A Season In Hell", includes electronics and vocal contributions from Minóy. This is the first new collaborative work that Minóy has appeared on since the early 1990's.

There are numerous audio "source" tapes in the Minóy archives and Phillip B. Klingler (PBK) selected several for inclusion in this project. He mixed those into the initial compositions that make up this release (PBK Mix #1 & #2). The audio was then passed on to Andrew Quitter (aka Regosphere), owner of the DumpsterScore label who previously released the Minóy cassette, "Monkey Blood Injections". Quitter created his mix and the project was sent to Don Campau for the final production and mix-down. Campau was ecstatic about the project because he and Minóy had discussed collaborating just before Minóy dropped out in 1992. So this was a culmination of something that Campau had wished to do decades ago when Minóy was still active.

Third in the CHAIN LETTER EXHORTATION series dedicated to the mail art movement, in particular the work of Ray Johnson. All of these are 4-way collaborations with no set rules, the audio is elaborated on then sent to the next person in the chain, anything can be imposed upon the structure, whoever does the final mix, that's the release. However, ALL the mixes, from first to last, are included at the Bandcamp site, each one a unique listening experience! Nearly three hours of audio included with this purchase.


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