Minóy "Postmodern Gender Subordination" 2xC60 Release

New release out now, a double cassette of Minóy audio from 1984 titled "Postmodern Gender Subordination". 

In 2020, the Tribe Tapes label located a Minóy cassette from 1984 that contained the following tracks: "Postmodern Gender Subordination", "Radio Japan", "Hambone Revisited" and "Fast Forward, Reverse Zoom". Max Eastman of Tribe Tapes asked Phillip B. Klingler (PBK), who curates the Minóy archive, to lend a hand in remastering the audio. After some research Klingler found that one of the tracks, "Fast Forward, Reverse Zoom" was not represented in the archive at all and also not found in the Discogs database so, presumably, a real rarity. But in the archive Klingler did find a 60 minute cassette master of "Postmodern Gender Subordination" with three pieces on it and none of those matched the version on the tape Eastman had found! So, on PBK's suggestion, the label decided that all of this audio would be released together as a double cassette. 

Minóy was very interested in postmodernism and there are several tapes found in the archive with that word in the title: "The Conditions of Postmodern Male Bonding", "A Whole New Generation of Postmodern Brats", and "The Myth of Postmodernism". 1984 was not one of Minóy's most prolific years but this was early in his career, and was also the first year he began intently distributing his work via the U.S. cassette network. By 1985 his work was being reviewed widely in the underground press. 

For the listener this release contains at least 90 minutes of never before heard Minóy. Enlightening too, as the four versions of "Postmodern Gender Subordination", are mature, fully formed pieces made just a  little over a year after he had begun working with sound. They contain the magical quality that his best compositions always have and Minóy must have been delighted with what his experiments yielded.  

It must be stated that as for remastering the sound on these cassettes, the quality of the tracks on the tape from the archive were in excellent shape and sound quite clear and vivid, but there was great difficulty with the sound of the tape Eastman had found. It was very challenging, the sounds were murky and hidden in hiss. Still, it's important to keep the historical aspect in mind given the rarity of finding anything by Minóy and the fact that these tapes are nearly four decades old.


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