REVIEW - In Search Of Tarkovsky

From Vital Weekly (Issue 1225)

"From the 80s onwards Minoy (also known as Stanley Keith Bowsza) produced an endless stream of cassette release, on his Minoy Cassetteworks label, but also Harsh Reality, Nihilistic, SJ Organisation, Sound Of Pig and many others. Look at Discogs and you get a glimpse of that vibrant network. I believe the Minoy archive is handled by PBK and out of many works, Cold Spring Records selected 'In Search Of Tarkovsky' to be released on CD. I have to confess that despite being around in the 80s and part of that cassette network, I missed out on most of the Minoy releases back then. I don't think we were in contact. Minoy recorded the music here right after Tarkovsky died and listening to the music it is easy to see why Minoy liked the director (and no doubt some of the inspiring soundtracks). Minoy uses radio sounds, reverb, delay pedals and no doubt some kind of synthesizer and in true 80s fashion it is one piece per C60 cassette, so this CD has two thirty-minute pieces of music. The title piece keeps moving back and forth high-pitched frequencies, dark doodles and some estranged voices (after twenty minutes). There is some beautiful desolation here, just like in a Tarkovsky movie. In 'Memory Undefined (Dream As Truth)', Minoy works with some more single-minded approach on a spacious psychedelic piece. Here he has fewer sounds to work with, still radio sounds, loops, and electronics I suppose and goes more or less in a 'live' way through his sound effects and yet keeps the piece neatly afloat. As said, I am not too familiar with the man's total (or partial) output so I can't say too much about if this a good example or an odd-ball but I would think it is a good place to start exploring the music of this sadly missed artist." (Frans De Waard)


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